Vaping For Good

January 2015:

Gamingforgood idea started because of the 1 % cut TwitchAlerts took. (+1% cut split payment PayPal)

Athene like many other streamers was not informed about this.

People started asking question such as here:

TwitchAlerts response to unhappy/questioning costumer:

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Xmonth-Ymonth 2015

Contacting several streamers for the Humanitarian Emergency Response Project (Avengers) or HE(A)RT. Over 2000+ Partnered streamer confirmed their pledge & willingness to fundraise using Gaming For Good - in the moment of a Category 1 disaster occuring.

November 2015

1% removed we announced g4g and worked closely with g2a in October

3. Jan

Vulcun stop their paid fantasy. A paid contest where people create a fantasy team based on Esports results in LOL/Dota2/cs:go/World of Tanks people get points and win prize money.

31. Jan

Start of 100.000$ personal donations marathon that was completed in 19 days

5 Feb


'Ali Moiz and Murtaza Hussein, purchased Running Fred, a Google Chrome browser extension game used by more than 200,000 consumers, and replaced it with Vulcuns own extension'

'After Vulcun acquired the Running Fred game, they used it to install a different app, commandeer peoples computers, and bombard them with ads, said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTCs Bureau of Consumer Protection. We are pleased we were able to prohibit these practices going forward.'

26. Feb

Fly to Ethiopia start of avengers 10 days charity

28. Feb

AtheneLive is Viewbotted

This video also address other big streamers got messages on twitter (twitter links under video)

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Cronoh (Vulcun employee) chatting for the first time in AtheneLive twitch chat: chatlog/February 2016/userlogs/cronoh

Cronoh: athene and gaming for good are SUPER SHADY

Cronoh: using viewbots and fake reddit posts to try and boost themselves

Cronoh: hey Nolan, why does gaming for good use shady tactics like fake reddit posts and viewbots?

29. Feb

CEO of vulcun Ali Moiz in AtheneLive twitch chat: reddit name title of image chatlog/February 2016/userlogs/mojopowerz

Mojopowerz: viewbot gg

4. Mar

S After Forsen calling us out for the past days being a fraud, scam and viewbotter.

We come up with The Forsen Challenge

6. Mar

Forsen will not do the challenge, but Sopapoppin takes it instead and his first time using gamingforgood he collects 18k in personal donations and 10k charity (Save the Children)

Cronoh (Vulcun employee) chatting in AtheneLive twitch chat: chatlog/March 2016/userlogs/cronoh

Cronoh: so sad, using charity to justify viewbotting, spamming people, and paying off streamers to use your website (Soda)

Cronoh: athene is just redonating your money to make it look like more has been donated FailFish

Cronoh: PogChamp Maximum Viewbot Mode Engaged PogChamp

7. Mar

More hate and doubt about legitimacy from Amaz, Forsen, Destiny, Reckful.

Destiny is looking into Athene drama, TwitchAlerts Support + the CEO was in the twitch chat: chatlog/March 2016/userlogs/JAMACANBACN

JAMACANBACN: Atleast it is fake money going to the kids :^)

CEO of vulcun 'Ali Moiz' in Destiny twitch chat:

mojopowerz: athene = scam. lying as always chatlog/March 2016/userlogs/mojopowerz

8. Mar

Many doubt us and we do the Proof video

Save the Children confirms no cut taken, video:

G2A Pay confirms $100K in Skype call:

Athene calls w/ Destiny abt GFG:

Fundraising details:

Save the Children Athene info page:

Athene calls w/ Reckful abt GFG:

10. Mar

TwitchAlerts started contacting bigger streamers that moved from TwitchAlerts to G4G.

As a result this video was made:

*Email displayed in video above is an email from Twitchalerts to streamer Elajjaz

versatileRaptor on /r/forsen wanted to do his own research and approached TwitchAlerts asking if it was true that Twitch alerts had contacted streamers who merged over to G4G. Twitch alerts deny:

Twitchalerts: Hello, It is just someone accusing us to try and ruin our reputation. We would rather not give attention. People will believe what they want. We are not involved in any of this drama.

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Their response leading "versatileRaptor" to believe Athene is slandering TwitchAlerts.

In which he posts the following on

VersatileRaptor: They deny everything, including sending the email and they know that Athene is trying to damage their reputation.

12. Mar

TwitchAlerts' 'No Fee' = 30% Cut?

Saying free for ever

No cut no fee NickiTaylor says 70% goes to support streamer then tweets out about it not being true and removing VOD of being a beta tester.

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13. Mar

CEO of Vulcun 'Ali Moiz' in AtheneLive twitch chat: chatlog/March 2016/userlogs/mojopowerz

Mojopowerz: this is a huge viewbot scam

Cronoh (Vulcun employee) chatting in AtheneLive twitch chat: chatlog/March 2016/userlogs/cronoh

Cronoh: Viewbots are back : P

Cronoh: twitchalerts does not take any fees

Cronoh: if he didnt care about money, he wouldnt be trying to slander twitchalerts to promote his own website, which is owned by the notoriously evil G2A

Cronoh: i feel bad for this unknown guy who is streaming on his channel right now, just a follower of a scammer

15. Mar

After streaming 24/7 for +1000 hours, we stop streaming because of viewbot hurting the cause. Keep going on discord.

22. Mar

Brussels Attacks video. Get commented on by several Vulcan / TwitchAlerts employs.

title of image title of image

All the video was used was taken from maximusblack that showed it on stream.

23. Mar

Twitch alerts copied the g4g music player, and we announced the idea of donating and playing funny ads to people that use TA the next day. The G4G community start to make their own ads.

24. Mar

The ads event got censored by TwitchAlerts, first they block videos posted on discord / twitch chat. People start to re-uploading videos and Twitch alerts then blocked all videos the past 30 days.

We find out the true identity behind Cronoh aka. Andrew steele coincidentally as Maral had met him in person at Twitchcon and he had given his business card to her:

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in discord chat:

Its a battle room, where 15 year olds group up to follow a fake leader under the guise of charity.

Cronoh laughing at Athene when trying to talk seriously about G4G and Twitchalerts. Video:

25. Mar

We find out about Cronohs history-logs, he has been active in our chat and other streamers chat. This video explain this:

Cronoh in Athenelive chat Feb and March: chatlog/February 2016/userlogs/cronoh chatlog/March 2016/userlogs/cronoh

Cronoh was also active in other streamers chat, clearly present himself employee in some streamers chat to help them, and to other streamers he call them dumb wh0re (Kaceytron), and a scammer, viewbotter etc. (Athenelive).

in Kaceytron's chat: chatlog/July 2015/2015-07-03

in Sevadus' chat: chatlog/February 2016/userlogs/cronoh

in Summit1G's chat: chatlog/September 2015/userlogs/cronoh

Chat token posted in G4G open-discord by an unknown person.

Maral (G4G discord mod) saw it, deleted it, contacted Jamacanbacn so he could protect himself and urged the community to not engage in harmful acts towards anyone.

27. Mar

Cease and Desist Demand from TwitchAlerts (aka Vulcun and StreamPro):

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28. Mar

Twitch alerts on twitter:

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CEO of Vulcun Ali Moiz mojolabs1 posted twitch alerts response on /r/forsen subreddit a subreddit who has actively censored others for posting proof regarding Athene.

Proof of Forsen reddit censoring Athene-proof links (series of screenshots):

1 - The comment that got shadowbanned-

2 - Asking other streamer if they see the comment-

3 - Other streamers view, confirming shadowban-

4 - Still censored for posting proof - to this day -

Ali Moiz claiming on twitter that Athene didn't want to have a call, and posted private conversations with 'Hubert':

29. Mar

TwitchAlerts have now censored donations messages with the word Gamingforgood/G4G/Athene

CEO of Vulcun Ali Moiz 'mojolabs1' posted forsen subreddit that they need backup on /r/twitch

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No evidence of viewbotting according to Vulcun employee:

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30. Mar

Athene and the CEO of Vulcun have a call on stream highlight here:

CEO Ali Moiz said he wrote the Cease and Desist Demand from TwitchAlerts himself.

Ali said they would forget about everything in C and D if Athene and his viewers stop harassing and spamming, since 'hundreds and thousands' of their streamers using TwitchAlerts had complained about Athene and his viewers 'spamming donations'.

For the time being, based on the advice that TwitchAlerts' CEO gave me in the call, I will explicitly tell my following I might go to jail when they mention 'GamingForGood' or 'Athene' when donating to streamers using TwitchAlerts and I'll do so until I have gotten further legal advice - Athene.

19. Apr

TwitchAlerts didn't pay all streamers who enrolled for the 1% Payday program. Streamers contact TwitchAlerts several weeks after they should have been paid out.

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Athene then made this video saying he don't mind paying what TwitchAlerts owe them

04. May

Streamer confirms getting bought by Twitchalerts to switch back (exclusive contract) and said it was the only reason to switch back.


athenelive: Hi Athene here, was wondering if you had any bad experience with g4g?

Streamer: hello athene!

athenelive: always like to improve the platform

Streamer: I got offered a sponsorship through twitchalerts

athenelive: ah thank you Im happy you are honest about it

Streamer: It is the only reason I switched really

athenelive: it seems to be exclusive as well

Streamer: yeah

Streamer: The terms of the sponsorship are that they are the only alerts I have

athenelive: I hope they offered a lot because you were doing really good and you will miss out on a lot but Im always happy for the streamer if its better for you

Streamer: Hey thanks a lot, I appreciate it very much :blush:

athenelive: no problem any time wish you the best and glad you liked the platform :blush:

Streamer: I wish you the best as well :blush:

And here the video Athene made about this topic